Business Immigration: Residence Permit in Germany by Investment or Blue Card

We accompany international entrepreneurs and investors as well as foreign specialists through the procedure in order to obtain an unlimited residence permit or citizenship in Germany for them and their family members.

For foreign investors and company founders

We support you if you are a foreigner and need a residence permit to start your own business or to work as a self-employed person. Entrepreneurs from non-EU countries who run their business in Germany as self-employed persons have the opportunity to obtain residence permits for independent business management in Germany in accordance with § 21 of the Residence Act. Your family (according to §§29ff. Residence Act) can go along. The prerequisite is an economic and/or regional interest in your business project; in addition, your project must be predicted to have a positive impact on the economy and financing must be secured.

For German companies and foreign specialists

The EU Blue Card residence permit is issued to a foreigner who can prove, for example, a German or recognized foreign university degree that is comparable to a German university degree. The Blue Card is issued for a maximum of four years and family members may accompany the Blue Card holder.

We advise German companies in all steps to attract qualified specialists from non-EU countries for your company and to employ them in a legally secure manner. We advise and support foreign specialists in the application procedure if they wish to obtain a residence permit in Germany as specialists from a non-EU country. We also help with a priority check, e.g. if salary thresholds are undershot.