„In jahrelanger und vertrauensvoller Zusammenarbeit unterstützt uns die Kanzlei Boris Zimmermann bei der Prüfung von Verträgen und berät uns vor und während Vertragsverhandlungen.“ — Edgar Itt, Olympiamedaillengewinner und Keynote-Speaker

„Die Kanzlei Boris Zimmermann leistete wertvolle Unterstützung bei der Gründung unseres Unternehmens. Wir bauen auf die Erfahrung von Rechtsanwalt Zimmermann bei der Beratung im Vertragsrecht und Verhandlungen mit unseren Geschäftspartnern im In- und Ausland.“ — Dr. Florian Alfen, Wirbelsäulenspezialist, Dr. Alfen Health Consulting und Praxis Dr. med. Florian Alfen

「我们公司立足中国,与中国和德国法兰克福的科研和高等教育顶级机构紧密合作。我们积极参与跨地区合作和联合研究项目。为了扩大我们在德国的影响力,我们决定在法兰克福设立公司。为了落实这一决策,我们需要让主管人员和他的家人迁往法兰克福。与 Zimmermann 先生密切磋商之后,我们达成了一份适当的合约,为我们赴德国之行安排好商务议程,确保我们与合适的利益相关者会见。我们很感谢 Zimmermann 先生,通过他的广阔网络,会议进行得非常顺利流畅。他还针对有关移民和迁居的问题给予了切实可行的建议(入学、房产、保险等)。Zimmermann 先生作为顾问一直都是有求必应,深受信任,拥有丰富的知识。我们赞赏他坦率、诚恳、及时的沟通和他提供一站式服务的能力。」

“Our China based company works closely with top tier institutions in the research and higher educational sectors located both in China and Germany. We actively engage in collaboration and joint research projects across locations. In order to create a greater presence in Germany, we decided to set up a company in Frankfurt am Main. Following on this decision, we will need to relocate the director and his family to Frankfurt. Intensive consultation with Mr. Zimmermann resulted in the completion of an appropriate contract, the setting up of a business agenda for our trip to Germany which ensured that we met appropriate stakeholders. We appreciated that the proceedings went as smoothly and seamless as possible based on Mr. Zimmermann’s extensive network. He also gave practical recommendations around immigration and relocation topics (schools, real estate, insurances, etc.). Mr. Zimmermann has always been a responsive and a trusted advisor with a wealth of knowledge. We appreciate his open, honest and timely communication as well as his one-stop shop service delivery.” Wensheng Luo, CEO, TopView Consulting & Trading Ltd.

«Somos una compañía mexicano-estadounidense que cuenta con productos hechos en Alemania, así que decidimos expandir nuestro negocio en Europa. Debido a la excelente ubicación e infraestructura de Fráncfort dentro de Europa, decidimos abrir una empresa en Fráncfort y por lo tanto necesitábamos una solución integral. Después de una consulta exhaustiva, Boris nos orientó a lo largo de todo el proceso y nos fue de ayuda en todos los temas relacionados con la apertura de una empresa GmbH, así como el derecho de residencia, impuestos, seguros, etc. Boris no solo es un abogado experimentado. Nos dimos cuenta de que su mayor talento es la capacidad de conectarse con la gente y anticiparse a las necesidades incluso antes de que se hagan evidentes.»

“As a Mexican-American company we rely on Made-in-Germany products and decided to expand our business to Europe. Due to the ideal location and infrastructure of Frankfurt within Europe, we choose to set up a company in Frankfurt and thus we needed a one shop solution. After a thorough consultation, Boris helped us to navigate the whole process and provided support on all issues around setting up the GmbH as well as the right of residence, tax, insurance etc. Boris is not just an experienced lawyer. We found the biggest value add to be his ability to connect with people and to anticipate needs even before they became obvious.” — Camilo Correa, Founder, ReefXplorer

Die Kanzlei Zimmermann berät das Generalkonsulat von Kuwait in Frankfurt – Kuwait Health Office – in allen rechtlichen Fragen.

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