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Smooth, Fast and Friendly

“As architects and urban planners, we serve the most iconic developers in the Middle East. During our expansion to Europe, Boris Zimmermann and his law firm provided all the support we needed to set up a stable company foundation in Germany. Working with him was smooth, fast and friendly on both the personal & professional level, and we are happy to have found a partner whom we can trust with the next steps of the development of our company.”

— Mohamed Raouf, MBA, Executive Director MENA Region, SUMIZURA

Ca­pa­ci­dad de conec­tar­se con la gen­te y an­ti­ci­par­se a las ne­ce­si­dades

“As a Mexican-American com­pa­ny we re­ly on Made-in-Germany pro­ducts and de­ci­ded to ex­pand our busi­ness to Eu­ro­pe. Due to the ide­al lo­ca­ti­on and in­fra­st­ruc­tu­re of Frank­furt wi­t­hin Eu­ro­pe, we choo­se to set up a com­pa­ny in Frank­furt and thus we nee­ded a one shop so­lu­ti­on. Af­ter a tho­rough con­sul­ta­ti­on, Bo­ris hel­ped us to na­vi­ga­te the who­le pro­cess and pro­vi­ded sup­port on all is­su­es around set­ting up the GmbH as well as the right of re­si­dence, tax, insuran­ce etc. Bo­ris is not just an ex­pe­ri­en­ced la­wy­er. We found the big­gest va­lue add to be his abi­li­ty to con­nect with peop­le and to an­ti­ci­pa­te needs even be­fo­re they be­ca­me ob­vious.”

— Ca­mi­lo Cor­rea, Foun­der, Re­e­fX­plo­rer

«So­mos una com­pañía mexicano-estadounidense que cuen­ta con pro­duc­tos hechos en Ale­ma­nia, así que de­ci­di­mos ex­pan­dir nuestro nego­cio en Eu­ro­pa. De­bi­do a la ex­cel­en­te ubi­cación e in­fra­e­s­t­ruc­tu­ra de Frán­c­fort den­tro de Eu­ro­pa, de­ci­di­mos abrir una em­pre­sa en Frán­c­fort y por lo tan­to ne­ce­sitáb­a­mos una so­lu­ción in­te­gral. De­s­pués de una con­sul­ta ex­haus­ti­va, Bo­ris nos ori­en­tó a lo lar­go de to­do el pro­ce­so y nos fue de ayu­da en to­dos los te­mas re­la­cio­na­dos con la aper­tu­ra de una em­pre­sa GmbH, así co­mo el de­recho de re­si­den­cia, im­pu­estos, se­gu­ros, etc. Bo­ris no so­lo es un aboga­do ex­pe­ri­men­ta­do. Nos di­mos cuen­ta de que su ma­yor ta­len­to es la ca­pa­ci­dad de conec­tar­se con la gen­te y an­ti­ci­par­se a las ne­ce­si­dades in­clu­so an­tes de que se ha­gan evi­den­tes.»

— Ca­mi­lo Cor­rea, fundador, Re­e­fX­plo­rer


「我们公司立足中国,与中国和德国法兰克福的科研和高等教育顶级机构紧密合作。我们积极参与跨地区合作和联合研究项目。为了扩大我们在德国的影响力,我们决定在法兰克福设立公司。为了落实这一决策,我们需要让主管人员和他的家人迁往法兰克福。与 Zim­mer­mann 先生密切磋商之后,我们达成了一份适当的合约,为我们赴德国之行安排好商务议程,确保我们与合适的利益相关者会见。我们很感谢 Zim­mer­mann 先生,通过他的广阔网络,会议进行得非常顺利流畅。他还针对有关移民和迁居的问题给予了切实可行的建议(入学、房产、保险等)。Zimmermann 先生作为顾问一直都是有求必应,深受信任,拥有丰富的知识。我们赞赏他坦率、诚恳、及时的沟通和他提供一站式服务的能力。」

“Our Chi­na ba­sed com­pa­ny works clo­se­ly with top tier in­sti­tu­ti­ons in the re­se­arch and hig­her edu­ca­tio­nal sec­tors lo­ca­ted both in Chi­na and Ger­ma­ny. We ac­tively en­ga­ge in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on and joint re­se­arch pro­jects across lo­ca­ti­ons. In or­der to crea­te a grea­ter pre­sence in Ger­ma­ny, we de­ci­ded to set up a com­pa­ny in Frank­furt am Main. Fol­lo­wing on this de­ci­si­on, we will need to re­lo­ca­te the di­rec­tor and his fa­mi­ly to Frank­furt. In­ten­si­ve con­sul­ta­ti­on with Mr. Zim­mer­mann re­sul­ted in the com­ple­ti­on of an ap­pro­pria­te con­tract, the set­ting up of a busi­ness agen­da for our trip to Ger­ma­ny which en­su­red that we met ap­pro­pria­te sta­ke­hol­ders. We appre­cia­ted that the pro­cee­dings went as smooth­ly and seam­less as pos­si­ble ba­sed on Mr. Zimmermann’s ex­ten­si­ve net­work. He al­so ga­ve prac­tical re­com­men­da­ti­ons around im­mi­gra­ti­on and re­lo­ca­ti­on to­pics (schools, re­al es­ta­te, insuran­ces, etc.). Mr. Zim­mer­mann has al­ways be­en a re­spon­si­ve and a trusted ad­vi­sor with a wealth of know­ledge. We appre­cia­te his open, ho­nest and time­ly com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on as well as his one-stop shop ser­vice de­li­very.”

— Wens­heng Luo, CEO, Top­View Con­sul­ting & Tra­ding Ltd.

A Source of Trust

ZIMMERMANN has been a source of trust for our businesses in Saudi Arabia for a long time. I am thankful at the breadth of knowledge and experience that Mr. Zimmermann has shown while working with us. He helped us in setting up a limited liability company (GmbH) in Germany and guided us through all the bureaucratic hoops. Also, his business network in Germany was very helpful for us in order to find valuable contacts in Europe. He is continually helping us build vendor contacts between Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Germany.

In addition to this, he is one of the few foreigners whom I’ve met who really understand the spirit of the Arabic people. I can highly recommend him!

— Ibrahim Suleiman

Wertvolle Unterstützung

„Die Kanz­lei Bo­ris Zim­mer­mann leis­te­te wert­vol­le Un­ter­stüt­zung bei der Grün­dung un­se­res Un­ter­neh­mens. Wir bau­en auf die Er­fah­rung von Rechts­an­walt Zim­mer­mann bei der Be­ra­tung im Ver­trags­recht und Ver­hand­lun­gen mit un­se­ren Ge­schäfts­part­nern im In- und Aus­land, insbesondere in der MENA-Region.“

— Dr. Flo­ri­an Al­fen, Wir­bel­säu­len­spe­zia­list, Dr. Al­fen Health Con­sul­ting und Pra­xis Dr. med. Flo­ri­an Al­fen

Invaluable Help

بناءً على توصية شريكٍ تجاريٍّ فقد قمنا بتعيين السيد “زيمرمان” لمساعدتنا في تأسيس شركةٍ جديدةٍ في مملكة البحرين ذات علاقةٍ وثيقة مع ألمانيا. وقد قدّم لنا استشاراتٍ قانونيةً استراتيجيةً حول دخول السوق في منطقة الخليج وعمل مستشارًا قانونيًّا أثناء تأسيس الشركة. علاوةً على ذلك فقد كان لنا السيد “زيمرمان” عونًا لا يقدر بثمن في العثور على الموردين في ألمانيا ووضع العقود التجارية. وإننا نوصي بمكتبه للمحاماة بشدةٍ لأي رجال أعمال في حاجةٍ إلى مستشارٍ جديرٍ بالثقة والاعتماد.


Based on a business partner’s recommendation, we hired Mr. Zimmermann to help us set up a new company in the Kingdom of Bahrain with close ties to Germany. He provided strategic legal advice on market entry and acted as legal counsel during company formation. Also, Mr. Zimmermann was of invaluable help in finding suppliers in Germany and drawing up trade contracts. We highly recommend his law firm to any businesspeople who are in need of a trustworthy and reliable advisor.

— CEO, Eight Stars for You Global Trading Co. W. L. L.

راض جدا!

نحن شركة إنشاءات نقوم بتنفيذ وتسليم مشاريع مبتكرة و مميزة  و بأعلى درجات الجودة .

 بطبيعة الحال ، فإن قيمة المشاريع في مجالنا هذا مرتفعة للغاية مما يخلق امكانية حدوث خسائر مادية في حال وجود مشاكل مع الموردين , و انطلاقا من ذلك توجهنا الى ZIMMERMANN ليكون مستشارنا القانوني للتأكد من أن العقود المبرمة مع موردينا الأوروبيين و كذلك مع عملائنا صحيحة و نافذة قانونيا.  من خلال تجربتنا هذه فإننا راضون  تمام الرضى عن أداء السيد Zimmermann و نوصي به ليكون مستشارا قانونيا لمشاريعكم المستقبلية.

We are a con­struc­tion com­pa­ny that exe­cu­tes and de­li­vers in­no­va­ti­ve, uni­que pro­jects of hig­hest qua­li­ty. Na­tu­ral­ly, pro­jects in this li­ne of busi­ness are very highly-priced, and thus the­re can be a gre­at loss if the­re are pro­blems with ven­dors. Therefore, ZIMMERMANN became our legal consultant to en­su­re that con­tracts with our Eu­ro­pean ven­dors and custo­mers are cor­rect and en­forced. We are very sa­tis­fied with Mr. Zimmermann’s work and would re­com­mend him any time.

— Bilal Abo Rikab, Saudi Green Contracting, Jeddah, KSA

Ver­trau­ens­vol­le Zu­sam­men­ar­beit

„In jah­re­lan­ger und ver­trau­ens­vol­ler Zu­sam­men­ar­beit un­ter­stützt uns die Kanz­lei Bo­ris Zim­mer­mann bei der Prü­fung von Ver­trä­gen und be­rät uns vor und wäh­rend Ver­trags­ver­hand­lun­gen.“

Ed­gar Itt, Olym­pia­me­dail­len­ge­win­ner und Keynote-Speaker

Public Institutions

  • Kuwait Health Office (General Consulate of Kuwait), Frankfurt am Main

Trade and Service

  • OSRA AL ARABIA Trading Corporation, Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • OSRA AL ARABIA Spare Parts Est., Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Arabian Family Translation Center, Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Global Gate for Hotels & SPA, Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Saudi Green Contracting, Jeddah, KSA
  • Beate Machner e. K., Buchhführungsservice, Dreieich
  • Dazzle Textil Im- und Export, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
  • ERT GmbH, Darmstadt und Yantai City, China
  • European Accessories Trading LLC, Dubai, VAE
  • Fashion Point e.K., Textil-Großhandel, Dreieich
  • Agentur Gil, Oberursel
  • Ledmeon, LED-Vertrieb, Frankfurt
  • Locotravel, Reise- u. Eventagentur, Darmstadt
  • Londotour, Douala, Kamerun
  • HQD Sales & Marketing Services International S.a.r.l., Zürich
  • HQD Sales & Marketing Services International GmbH, Frankfurt
  • Jungels Feuerschutz und Sicherheit, Eppstein
  • M’rod malaika group, Modeschmuckhandel, Douala, Kamerun
  • Realty Invest Martin Buelow, Florida / Berlin
  • Sahdia Enterprises GmbH, Modeschmuck-Großhandel, Frankfurt
  • Scarlet Bijoux, Modeschmuck-Großhandel, Frankfurt
  • Sportschule Rings of Glory, Landgraaf, Holland
  • Soundburg, Würzburg Soundburg, Würzburg

Doctors and Medical Services

  • Health Consulting Dr. Alfen, innovative Konzepte für Unternehmen und medizinische Einrichtungen e. K., Würzburg
  • Praxis Dr. Florian Alfen, Spezialist für Wirbelsäulen, Würzburg
  • Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Sanath Pathirana, Köln-Dellbrück
  • Praxis Dr. Ansgar Schultheis, Allgemeinmedizin, Bad Vilbel
  • Praxis Dr. Samiri, Internist u. Allergologe, Frankfurt

Education and Training

  • 4-A SIDE Consulting GmbH, Braunschweig und Arcos de la Frontera, Spanien
  • Airnet Technologie- und Bildungszentrum GmbH, Bad Homburg
  • Edgar Itt Group, Coaching for Leadership, Frankfurt
  • Iweanya Mordi-Kotto Coaching, Luxembourg