Business Relations Abroad

Together with local partners, we support you in establishing business relations in the MENA region, China, Thailand or Nigeria or from abroad to Germany. By cooperating with experts from other disciplines, we offer a “one-stop shop” and have the necessary understanding of the legal and above all cultural conditions in all regions. For foreign clients, we also offer our Business Immigration Service, so that you can build up your branch in Germany with comprehensive legal advice.

MENA, especially Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

In many countries of the MENA region, especially Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, business success depends more on personal networks than in any other region of the world. At the same time, the formal and bureaucratic requirements in business life are as great as the potential for foreign investors. With the personal experience of Boris Zimmermann and an established network of contacts, we support you in your business activities.


Thailand is much more than a holiday destination – in recent years the country has developed into a global player, especially in the supply industry, and offers many opportunities for business cooperation. Without a deep knowledge of the Thai language and culture (e.g. to know when “yes” actually means “no”) it is impossible to make good deals. ZIMMERMANN accompanies you in the initiation of business in Thailand and in contract negotiations, so that all parties involved achieve the best possible result.

  • In addition to our general services, we offer legal support for meetings and trade fair visits in Thailand and Germany.


Nigeria offers great potential in various industries and is very attractive from a business point of view. Due to various peculiarities of this country, good consultation with local partners is essential before starting any activities. Qualified contacts in business and politics are a prerequisite for successful work in Nigeria. For this, we cooperate with Anagu Consulting based in Frankfurt and Lagos/Abuja. Through our partner in Nigeria, information and audits can be obtained directly on site, and you also benefit from a large network of trustworthy business contacts.


There is no way around China for companies willing to expand. We support you in answering the most important and at the same time most difficult question: Where do you start when there are countless possibilities? With good relationships to agencies and law firms in China as well as existing clients, we enable you to enter one of the most exciting markets in the world with confidence.