Rechtsanwalt Boris Zimmermann

The Zimmermann law firm in Frankfurt, Germany represents numerous Kuwaiti citizens who wanted to purchase real estate in Germany through the companies AMAR and GT & S.

  • You have the intention to buy a property in Germany, for example in Pirmasens or Ludwigshafen am Rhein as an investment?
  • To this end, you made a contract with the Kuwaiti company AMAR City and the German company GT & S Gulf Trading & Sports UG & Co. KG in Bad Dürkheim (Mr. Steffen Oliver Wick and Mrs. Elke Baumann) and they supported you in your project?
  • Initially, you also received payments from your investment, but then these failed to materialise or claims were even made against you?

Our clients usually made payments to these companies, concluded a contract with the company GT & S and paid sums of around KD 40,000 for real estate in the cities of Pirmasens and Ludwigshafen, Germany. Flats and complete houses were offered as investment opportunities. The company GT & S was then to handle the letting of the flats and the client was to receive a monthly payment after deduction of the costs. Some contracts guaranteed a “return on investment” after three years.

In the course of the desired real estate acquisition, some clients also granted a notarial power of attorney to a third party unknown to them, with the third party being domiciled abroad.

Investors initially received monthly payments, but no comprehensible statements were submitted. In cases known to us, no further payments were made to the clients. There were also cases in which demands were made on the clients by the residential community (“house money”), which came as a surprise to the clients. When examining the facts of the case, it also turned out in some cases that the ownership of the investment was unclear.

Clients now want the purchase price to be refunded or their investment to be secured. We support our clients and help them to obtain legal certainty about their investment.

Many Kuwaiti citizens consider the purchase of real estate in Germany as an attractive investment opportunity and seek advice on this subject. If it turns out that there are difficulties with the investment, many clients are initially reluctant (often also out of misconceived shame) to assert their rights.

Our law firm supports Kuwaiti citizens who either intend to invest in Germany or who have difficulties with their investments, especially in Pirmasens and Ludwigshafen. We regularly advise and represent clients from the Arab region, especially from Kuwait.

Get in touch with us to discuss your case. We work with state-certified interpreters for the Arabic language to ensure best service for our clients.