Rechtsanwalt Boris Zimmermann

The Kuwait Ministry of Health is located in the immediate vicinity of major medical facilities about 20 minutes by car outside the city centre of Kuwait City.

In Germany, the Kuwait Ministry of Health is represented by the Health Office of the Kuwait Consulate in Frankfurt. Our law firm advises this consulate department – reason enough for me to pay another visit to the head office in Kuwait and exchange information on current topics with those responsible.

The December 11, 2018 meeting in Kuwait: Attorney Boris Zimmermann with Legal Advisor Husam Ali Al-Batni and Dr. Ali Hussain Al-Khodair (pictured), Director of Legal Affairs Dept. and Investigation, Faculty Member Applied Education, Member of the Commission Inspection, Ph.D. in Criminal Law.

In addition to the usual tasks of a Ministry of Health, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health is also responsible for the organization of medical treatment abroad, in Germany often referred to as “health tourism.” Due to its high medical standards, treatment in Germany is particularly popular among Kuwaitis.

In any case, it is in the nature of Kuwaitis – even more so than with their neighbours – to travel abroad. You will hardly meet a Kuwaiti who hasn’t been to Europe before. If a family member has to undergo medical treatment abroad, it is common for the whole family to travel along: the organisational effort increases accordingly.

Medical treatments such as back surgery or eye operations are often associated with subsequent rehabilitation stays; the family often uses this time for travelling and sightseeing and, of course, for shopping. Almost incidentally, there is an interest in investments in Germany and Europe, e. g. in investments in German companies or the purchase of real estate.

If you are a citizen of Kuwait, an investor or a provider of health services in the EU – especially in Germany – and would like more information on these topics, please contact us.