Rechtsanwalt Boris Zimmermann

You are a non-European citizen, and you plan to run your own business in Germany and live here, alone or together with your family? Everybody is entitled to set up and own a company in Germany, it does not matter which passport you hold.

As a Syrian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Yemeni, Chinese, Mexican, Saudi, Colombian or any other citizen, you are perfectly able to own a company and do business in Germany. Establishing a company can also facilitate your move to Germany and your ongoing residence here. Send your children to free German schools or universities, use the medical system, and apply for a German passport if you want to become a part of Germany. We can support you and your family on your way to Germany.

Which documents do I need for Business Immigration to Germany or a German Residence Permit?

These are the documents you need to provide – copies are sufficient:

  1. Passports of yourself, your spouse and children. Moreover, if visas have been granted to Germany in the past, please send those as well.
  2. Your CV and every additional person who should be director of the company you want to set up in Germany
  3. Certificates of education (e. g. university degrees) for you and each additional person who should be director of the company you would like to set up in Germany
  4. If you already run a business in your country or if you are a member of a professional organization (e. g. chamber of architects, medical associations): proof of registration
  5. If you already run a business: a profile of your business
  6. If available: proof of company awards or prestigious projects
  7. Proof of professional experience and each additional person who should be director of the company to be set up in Germany
  8. If available: business correspondence with German companies
  9. If available: certificate of languages you speak
  10. Short description of your business idea in Germany

You can send us these documents via email. If possible, collate them in to a single PDF file. We will reply to you as soon as possible for a first free evaluation.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.